If you are interested in becoming a PARTNER, members of the CCLC Organising Committee look forward to speaking with you about mutually beneficial ideas in either, or both, substantial financial or in-kind support.

If you are interested in becoming a SPONSOR of the CCLC, donations of over $500 are greatly appreciated. Organisations or Individuals could for example, sponsor an author/presenter's fees, travel and accommodation for an approximate cost of $5,500. OR the fees for one presenter of approximately $2,500. OR the travel costs or accommodation of a presenter for approximately $1000. OR the printing and design of advertising materials for approximately $1000. OR the literary dinner attendance of all six presenters for $500.

SUPPORTERS might make a donation of $250/$100/$50 towards the cost of meals, catering, or purchase of materials associated with the project.

Benefits to Partners or Sponsors for your organisation:

If you wish to become a SUPPORTER (small financial donation or donation in-kind), your organisation's name will be included in printed materials and visual displays, and mentioned at the beginning and end of each day. In acknowledgement of your generous support, we offer publicity onsite, and in our printed and online promotion.